Friday, September 30, 2011

Adventures in Failure: Bread Making

 I'm pretty good at making breadsticks and cinnamon rolls....bread that gets rolled out before it's baked and is expected to be slightly chewy.

I am NOT good at cooking rolls/bread.  It is something I'm planning on practicing over the next month.  I've had numerous people tell me "baking bread is really easy" but I have yet to see that side of it.  The rolls I made taste fine, and I think my kids might eat them out of desperation in the car while we drive to Yellowstone this weekend, but truthfully they are as heavy as rocks.  They are still soft on the inside and out but they are so dense that when I accidentally dropped one last night I heard a "THUD".

So my bread making adventure continues.  Do you make homemade bread?  Do you have any tips for me? Or recipes that are "no-fail" that I can dis-prove? ha ha
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  1. You are probably adding too much flour. Baking is such a science. Every time I make bread I have to adjust the amount of flour depending on the humidity. Try, try again!

  2. I feel your pain! I'm not very good at making loaves of bread, but I'm getting better at bread sticks and rolls. there is a 1-hour-bread recipe out there that I like to use (I think it is or at least is very similar to this recipe: It works for me every time when I'm making rolls. Making bread got easier for me when I got a Kitchen Aid mixer because it makes it soooo much easier. My bread doesn't always turn out, so like Becky said, just keep trying!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! :) I just looked over this post again, and my bread looks TERRIBLE!!! Worse then I though it did when I posted it this morning. ha ha I'll give it another try next week.

  4. I stink at making bread also. I agree with Becky, it's all science. I did, however, buy that book at costco called "Best Bites" and it had an "easy" breadstick/roll recipe. It's awesome! I've succeeded every time. I'll copy and paste it in here when I leave work. Good luck. Keep trying!


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