Friday, September 2, 2011

City Deals; Out of Business

You've probably heard the news about City Deals shutting down. As far as I've heard there was a takeover deal in the works that fell through. Some merchants have not been paid by City Deals and therefore can not honor the City Deals Vouchers.

The businesses put their trust in City Deals to present the public with a great deal. City Deals was in turn to pay the business for the discounted services so all we had to do it take in a voucher stating that we paid for it.

Well, it turns out that we paid for it, City Deals dropped the ball and never paid the businesses. "So what if I still have vouchers or credits to use?"

  • As of right now there is no way to print off vouchers that you had "saved" on (That may change in the future, I'll keep you posted)

  • If you have vouchers you haven't used, CALL THE BUSINESS to see if they are taking the deal. I have one for a massage that I bought almost a year ago and it is still being accepted.

  • If your business says it is NOT accepting the vouchers (I know a few local Cold Stone Ice Creamery's are not taking them) then call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. This is what the SL Trib says to do:

Consumers may go HERE or call 801-530-6601 to file a complaint.
  • If you have purchased certificates with your credit or debit card that are not being accepted by merchants or that you are unable to print, you can always contact your bank to see if charges can be reversed.

*I will keep an eye on this story and keep you updated.
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