Thursday, September 8, 2011

City Deals; UPDATE

This just in: City Deals was bought out by Seven Peaks. All merchants WILL be paid and all vouchers should be valid. If you are still having problems with your vouchers, contact City Deals. Click HERE for their FAQ page.

I just logged in my account, all my past purchases are there, as well as any credits I had. It looks like nothing ever happened! :)

Current City Deal: Pass of all Passes $29.99

(Thanks Coupons4Utah)

For those of you with unused City Deals vouchers or credits, all hope may not be lost. Here is the most recent statement from City Deals founder Jeff Stucki:

“As Citydeals’ founder, I am extremely happy to finally be free to talk about the status of Citydeals and our plans to go forward. There has been much inaccurate information in the press that due to nondisclosure restrictions with a former acquiring party, we were unable tospeak up and address. Now we are free to go forward. We have no desire to malign any other party, however, Citydeals did NOT close its doors. Our website was redirected and our site and Facebook page was being controlled this week by the acquiring organization, who without warning on Monday also laid off our 19 employees. It was that organization that posted the message we had closed and has been sending emails and messages from our server to our merchants and customer database through this week. The acquiring party has since rescinded their agreement, leaving us now free to move forward (which has always been our intent).
“We are in the process of reclaiming our website and control of our customer database and have sought and obtained other funding to pay all amounts due to our merchants and to help to ensure that every coupon issued from our company is honored in full. Going forward we will be as active and vocal as ever in pioneering steps to ensure that any consumer who purchases a coupon from us can come back to us and request a refund in the event the merchant company doesn’t honor the coupon we’ve sold–a practice we strongly hope that other similar companies will be adopting as well.
“Again, we have not closed our doors.
“We are happy to renew our efforts with our re-hired employees and our reinvigorated company to ensure the principles of quality our company was founded on in 2006 will be upheld from here on. We thank everyone in the community for their thoughts and support and who have reiterated their desire to work with us in moving forward through the challenges we’ve been addressing this week.”

You can read the entire story on KUTV 2.
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  1. The sad thing is that all of the companies that I have certificates for told me that they would not honor them. I am still out over $50.


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