Friday, September 23, 2011

Just Between Friends

Here is a review for "Just Between Friends" from a Thrifty 101 reader:

"I went to Just Between Friends consignment pre sale on Thursday at the Utah County location. I was amazed and the amount of clothing there and that they also had toys and some household decorations. All the clothes were hung on hangers and each was tagged by the seller. It was easy to find prices and checkout was very fast. Some of the items for sale still had tags on them! I got my son and daughter each 5 like/new designer outfits, all of their Christmas presents and a halloween costume. My sister also went and she was able to purchase an entire wardrobe for her little girl she is expecting in January. I couldn't believe the quality of items they had for sale especially since so much of it was new with tags or still in the box. I will definitely be shopping Just Between Friends again! Thanks for the tip!"

The sale in Utah County ends on Saturday when everything is 1/2 price!

There is a Davis County event October 21 (20th is the pre-sale) @ the Davis County Fairgrounds.

Click HERE to find an event near you.
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