Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scentsy Closeout Deals

Happy September everyone!

I wanted to do a quick Scentsy shout out because lots of stuff is happening today with Scentsy.

First off (and most exciting if you ask me) they have stocked their Closeout section with new products that are on a "first come first serve" basis. The exciting thing for me is the "JACK" warmer is on closeout!
It's he cute!?!? I've been waiting for this one, so I was super excited to find him on clearance this morning. His face is cut out, so he glows. SO CUTE!! He's on closeout for $24.

And his little friend "plug in JACK" is on closeout for $16
Second with every new month comes a new Warmer of the Month and a new Scent of the Month. "Maize warmer and Pumpkin Marshmallow" both of which are 10% off.
And last but not least, September marks the beginning of the Fall/Winter catalog! New warmers, new scents, new multi-pack options and a new solid perfume by Scentsy!
Sure-to-be favorites are: Pumpkin Roll, Festival of Trees and Whiteout (which is a peppermint scented one)

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