Monday, September 19, 2011

Unexpected Dental what?

My sister found out today that she needs quite a bit of dental work done. Almost $4,000 worth of dental work done. She instantly started panicking about how they were going to be able to afford it. Here are some things I suggested to her.
  1. Get a second opinion. The place she went offered a free exam, x-ray and cleaning to new patients. This place is known to be the "posh" of all dentist offices in the area. I told her to go to another dentist (or 2) and get a second opinion. Chances are the estimate will be lower and possibly some of the work might be considered "cosmetic" and not "necessary" at another place.
  2. Check prices with other offices. They gave her a print out of what needs to be done and the cost of each item. I suggested she call her old dentist and ask for prices on each of the items listed. She could scan or fax them the estimate and see if they can do better. I'm sure they will want to see her for an office visit (no dentist would do work based on another dentist's exam) but at least she could get a ballpark quote from another dentist to put the "posh" dentist's quote in check.
  3. Financing through the dental office, or even paying it off on your credit card are not the BEST options, but they are still options and should be considered.
  4. Have a $1000 emergency fund set up. I know this is "too little to late" in this circumstance, but going forward follow the advice of several financial advisers and have AT LEAST $1,000 in savings.
  5. And last but not least..........STOP DRINKING SO MUCH SODA!!! hee hee
It's amazing how things hit you like this when your life (and finances) are going so well. This is where the $1,000 emergency fund comes in. No, it' won't cover all her dental expenses, but I'm sure it would put her mind at ease that a big chuck of it was able to be paid off quickly. The emergency fun will also lower any payments she would have to make on the work.

Do you have any tips on dealing with payments for Dental Work?

"It may seem like a mountain right now,
but when you look back on your life,
it will be a bump in the road."
~Michelle :)
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  1. Consider geting some of the work done at a dental school at your local university. Your dental work will be done by a dentist in training and overseen by a highly qualified professor. Sure it won't be as posh and relaxing as the dental spa, but will save you alot of money in the end.

  2. Michelle that is a GREAT tip! Thanks for sharing! :) (Dental Spa....hee hee ;)


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