Thursday, September 29, 2011

The value of your time

I took some great notes from the conference and I will blog about it over the next few days. I finished my bathroom makeover yesterday and in doing that makeover I've neglected things like cleaning, laundry and day to day activities for the past week. And being at the Smart Women Smart Money conference all day today didn't help in my catch-up attempt.

There was one thing that a speaker said at the conference about the value of your time and money as far as serving and doing favors for people or giving into your kids that I've been thinking about. She said to remember it's OK to say NO. You don't have to feel guilty because it's YOUR time/money and YOU are allowed to do what you want with it.

She stated that if you give your time or money WILLINGLY to some person or cause you are doing more good then if you give because you feel OBLIGATED to. It benefits you more and the person or organization receiving your donation will also benefit more.

At the Smart Women Smart Money conference Zions Bank gave away $16,000 in grants to women that needed funding for their grassroots ideas to better the community. It was inspiring to see people entirely devoted to an idea and willingly donating their time and money to make it happen. A 13 year old girl was providing garden plots and classes for low income families. A teacher was branching out her College Placement Testing technique lessons. There was a domestic abuse shelter and a low income assistance group that also received a grant.

Motivational stories like that make you take a step back in your life and think about what you can do to help someone else. With the holiday season coming up there are always opportunities for Sub-for-Santa, Salvation Army Angel Tree, Toys for Tots and tons of local opportunities available.

Our family always participates in some kind of not-for-profit during the Holidays. An easy way to start a donation is by starting a change bucket. Add spare change and any donations your family wants to give then use the money you save up to donate to a charity. Kids can help in on this easy donation by gathering coins they find or earn by doing household chores.
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