Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bathroom Makeover Part 2; Staining the Cabinets

This project all started with my "Fireplace Makeover". I didn't like the orange color on my fireplace mantel. And yep, you guessed it, that orange colored wood is throughout my entire house. We also ripped out the brick and had our neighbor tile around the fireplace. We then tore out all the linoleum in each bathroom and the laundry room and had him tile those too.

I really liked the way my fireplace mantel turned out so I decided to do the same with my bathroom cabinets. The one bathroom turned into all 3 bathroom cabinets being stained.

So are a few before photos:

I started out sanding the finish off the cabinets. The front panel of the cabinets are veneer so I had to sand them lightly so I didn't take off any of the grain.

Next my favorite Minwax Gel Stain made another appearance in our home.
I painted on the stain with a foam brush. Let it sit a few minutes, then wiped it off with an old sock. This is the upstairs bathroom and the light makes it look more orange then it is. But you can see how I painted it on, then wiped it off on the left side.
Here is an example of the contrast. One panel is not stained yet:
And here are the side by sides:

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  1. It looks much better! I have the exact same wood on our fireplace and bathroom cupboards, yuck! The bad part is we are renting, but I might do this anyway ;-)

  2. Thanks Brooke! The next step is our kitchen which is a HUGE project. Not sure I want to tackle that one yet. ;) Sanding is the hard part. After that the staining is a breeze.

  3. Looks great, such an improvement :)


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