Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Black Friday Shopping TIps

With all the Black Friday ads being out so early this year, it gives us as consumers an advantage.  We can look over the ads and get compare prices NOW so that we have a strategy come Friday.

A few tips to shopping Black Friday:
  • Check the store website on Thursday.  Best Buy in particular has Online Deals starting Thursday AND In Store deals starting Friday.
  • Be sure to check current prices.  I've noticed many "Black Friday Deals" are the current ad sale prices.
  • It might be worth your time to purchase items now that you "hope" to be able to get on Black Friday and KEEP YOUR RECEIPT.  That way if you DO get them on Black Friday you can return the other one that you paid a little more for.
  • Last year I remember sales after Black Friday being close if not the same as Black Friday deals.  (withstanding the Door Buster prices)  So if you miss something, all hope is not lost. ;)
  • Last year we got a large flat screen Walmart Door Buster TV at 1:00pm.  Especially flat screen TV's....I think most people have already upgraded so there should be excess later in the day. (don't quote me on that) :)
  • Be sure to check Amazon and on Thursday to see if they have pricematched anything online.  Everyone wants your business on Black Friday, they might do some unadvertised pricing online.
  • If you are looking for cut material (like Joann's) you don't have to wait in line, you can purchase cut material online!  A few years ago I was making blankets for Christmas and Black Friday I was online ordering cut fleece while my mom and sister were standing in a HUGE line to get their material cut, then another huge line to checkout. (ah, the power of technology.) ;)
  • Swap lists with friends or family.  Separate into different stores, get what everyone in the group needs from that store and save each other time.
Be sure you know when your store is opening on Friday! Some are midnight, some are as early at 10:00pm.
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  1. I never brave the stores on Black Friday!! I couldn't handle half of the crazy people there, and we do all of our major shopping ( electronics) after the new year when most stores are lowering prices to clear out the stock!

  2. Great tips!! I'm from Spain, so I have to look for stores that ships intenationally too.


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