Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cricut Cake $49.99

Cricut.com has their Cricut Cake machines for $49.99. (shipping to my home in Utah is $8.11)

This machine is meant to cut fondant and gum past to accent cakes and cupcakes. I believe you can also cut cookie dough with it.

It's selling on Amazon for $74 plus $19.99 shipping.

This is an outstanding price. I'm really curious why all of the sudden they are selling these so cheap.... It makes me wonder if they are discontinuing them or making a new model. I haven't heard anything, but from $199.00 down to $49.99 is a HUGE price cut.
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  1. What a wonderful marriage - a vinyl cutter & cake decoration. Great idea!

  2. I loveeee my Cricut! Love it so much I have a baby bug and an Expression. ^_^ the price cut is because the two new ones just launched- the Expression2 and the Mini. but over all the machines are still AWESOME and your going to LOVE yours!


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