Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Quick and Easy Advent Calendar

 I received this as a gift and thought it was adorable!  Very easy but super cute. 
 It's a Christmas Advent Calendar made out of 2 packages of Dentyne gum!!  Each square of gum is a day on the calendar.  So you get to eat one piece of gum a day till Christmas!
 I LOVE the little Snowmen faces poking out of the top.  They even have the book close with little squares of Velcro.
 Here's a pic from above.
And you can see how the book closes and the packages of gum stack on top of each other.

These would be cute to give for any big event.  Countdown to a Disney vacation, summer break, last day of school....lots of fun ideas.  You could make something similar to this for the 12 days of Christmas.  They would make great gifts for kids to give their friends for Christmas!  Tuesday the 13th starts the 12 days of Christmas so if you worked on them this weekend you could hand them out in time! (just sayin') ;)
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