Friday, December 30, 2011

Walmart 75% off Christmas starting today! (check your local stores for participation)

I was just at my local Walmart and they now have all their Christmas items for 75% off. This includes gift sets!

I took a pic of my loot so you can see what great deals there are:
  • Axe 6 piece set for $5 (there is also a code for 7 song downloads in the package)
  • Axe 5 piece set with travel bag $3.50 (smaller bottles)
  • Maybelline makeup for $2.50
  • Old Spice deodorant and cologne set $1.25
The Axe gift sets were FLYING off the shelves. I picked one up for my son and for a few friends for their sons. (yes, it pays to be my friend) ha ha :)

*Note: the signs still said 50% off when I was there, but everything was 75% off. If it doesn't ring up 75% off, tell the cashier and they should adjust it.
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  1. None of the Wal-Marts here in my area (suburbs of Pittsburgh) have gone 75% off. I was told at one store that they won't drop until the 9th!

  2. None of the stores in my area are 75% off. I was told my one of the people working the department that it would be on the 2nd. I went in at 1am this morning (the 2nd) and everything was still ringing up at 50%. I asked the manager of the department when they are going to mark down again and he said "It won't be for a while. We have such a good selection of inventory left that we don't have to mark it down." Didn't make sense to me.

  3. I was in Walmart in PA today, January 2nd, 2012 - and I asked about the 75% off sale on Christmas Items, and I was told that they are NOT MARKING CHRISTMAS (trees/lights/decorations) DOWN 75% THIS YEAR - that they are holding at 50%! and the Walmart I was at had 'tons' of trees left, I've been watching them over the bast 3 days, and they haven't sold NOT ONE! so I don't understand what they are thinking!!!!

  4. I agree, that doesn't make sense. Why would they hold on to stock at 50% off and not clear it out? Soon they will start to get garden supplies back in and they will have no room for them. strange.

  5. I Buy Halloween/Christmas stock out of 4 locations yearly, and now i'm told they won't go to 75% off this year...thats a lie. Other states are already at 75% off.

  6. Walmart usually have everything at 75% by Janruary 1st not this year. Saes associate here in Huntsville,AL told me once it's marked down on the Internet and one they have heard from the head office. That is when ALL Walmart will mark down their trees, christmas decorations and all. Right now only candy, gift sets and massagers are 75% off. A mess if you ask me.


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