Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2012 everyone!

We celebrated the new year with the East Coast this year. Watched the ball drop in NYC, lit of some fireworks, ate a ton of snack food and were in bed by 10:30. :) Then we were woken up to the rest of the neighborhood's fireworks at midnight. LOL

The holiday season is over there is no sign of Christmas at my house. We still have no snow on the ground here in Utah. So if you have a ski trip planned here any time soon, I'd look into canceling. lol The resorts have an average of a 24" base which is horrible this time of year. (great for us in the valleys though, we don't have to drive in ice and sludge)

Without any snow on the ground and temps in the high 40's low 50's I'm already looking forward to Spring. ;) That being said we will probably have snow until May. lol

My dad sent me this video. It doesn't have anything to do with deals or new years but it was a neat "get up and do something" video that in my opinion is great for starting the new year off with new goals.
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