Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keeping up with growing boys...advice needed.

I grew up with all girls.  We fought, called names and argued over clothing. 

Now I am the mom of 3 boys.  The fight, call names and go through clothing like it's toilet paper!  I can't keep pants on them that don't have holes in them or look like floods or shoes that aren't worn through.

My oldest is 11, almost 12, and he's so tall he's wearing size 16 pants with adjustable waist bands.  Now his size 16 pants look like the above photo!

This far I've been pretty loyal to Old Navy to buy the boy's clothing.  I've loved the adjustable waistband and for the price, it's easy to replace pants that get holes.  Now that I'm in the market for "teenage clothing" I'm wondering if the quality is better at a name brand store and if I could find size 12 LONG pants for my oldest.  Maybe I need to venture out beyond Old Navy. (?)

So my question to my readers is:
  1. How do you keep you kids (particularly boys) in clothes that last and that fit them?
  2. Where do you shop to find good deals on nice clothing?
  3. Any other "tips" you can give?
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  1. I am a mom of four boys...I almost exclusively buy their jeans at sears. The kidvantage program at sears lets me return any worn out jeans (even if its just the start of a hole) for a new pair of the same size and brand. If I purchase their store brands, I don't even need to hold onto my reciepts. Often, at the end of a season, I can even purchase clothing for the following season at reduced prices and they will still replace them. They also have the kidvantage program in shoes. However, my sears store has poor selection in their shoes so I haven't used the kidvantage to exchange shoes as much as I would like. Hope that helps.

  2. I've never heard of that. Thanks Beverly, I will look into it. Sears is closing in my state soon, but it might be worth it for the next year! :)


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