Sunday, February 26, 2012

Utah Readers: Hunger Games Preview Event at Megaplex Theaters

Megaplex has an awesome event planned for the Hunger Games preview.

Click HERE to get more info and to purchase tickets.

Details from the website:

Citizens of Panem, report to the nearest training center for proper preparation for the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Upon arrival you will receive a name badge stating your District and Panem Citizen Number as well as a stocked backpack to aid your survival.

Discipline yourself to spend your time in the center wisely. There will be a number of competitive games and activities as well as survival skills centers and Capitol Couture Shops. A complete prep team will be on hand to update your hair and makeup. "As an added value, in preparation for your Hunger Games experience, visit a Wax Me Too location for a Free Bikini Wax (before March 22, upon presentation of event receipt).

At 11pm the annual reaping will begin and 24 tributes will be chosen to compete for prizes, until only one is left. All citizens will be entered into the reaping ball once. Citizens are encouraged to bring cans of food to donate to the Utah Food Bank to get additional entries.

Each District will be drawn separately, so choose which District you register for wisely.

Your $35 ticket includes:

-Hunger Games Survival Backpack- Stuffed with a Collectable Water Bottle and more!

-A collectable Lanyard with VIP Pass

-Hunger Games Collectors Cup with Soda and Popcorn for the movie

-Participation in the training centers games and activities

- Access to the Capitol Shops

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