Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Planning vs. Doing, Vacation Planning Part 3

I just found this image on Facebook.  It made me think of people that ask me all the time about how my family and I travel so often.

We have traveled to 19 countries and many states. As a family we have decided that instead of collecting "stuff" we will collect memories and see and experience other places and cultures.

My husband is a teacher so our summer schedule is very flexible.  We don't really plan vacation, we look for deals and go where the deals are.

Here are some ways we have found cheap vacations:
  • Think about visiting friends and family out of state or country.  We have connections in NYC, NJ, Boston, Denver, Southern California, Seattle, Japan and Australia. We have taken advantage of these destinations a few time. ;) If you can stay with family or friends, you can save a TON in hotels. (now I need a connection in Hawaii....:)
  • Be flexible with your airfare. Check before and after your desired dates. In my experience, Tuesday's seem to be the cheapest travel dates for Airfare.  Also traveling ON holidays are much cheaper then before and after. Example: Travel ON Thanksgiving when everyone else has plans and you can get 1/2 price airfare compared to the day before or the day after.
  • JUST DO IT! When people find out I've been to Australia they usually say "Lucky! I've always wanted to go there!" I tell them "DO IT!" and they act like it's beyond their reach to travel to Australia or anywhere.  At least look into it, you may be surprised at the prices you see. Once you get an idea of prices you can set a goal to save for what you need to make your travel plans a reality!
Like the above image says "You can't change anything or make any sort of progress sitting back and thinking about it."
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