Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Smart Women Smart Money Conference notes

I was able to attend the Smart Women Smart Money conference a few years ago. I was going through my blog looking for finance resources (and inspiration) and came across these notes. I found them interesting, so I thought I'd re post for you all. :)

 For those of you interested in my notes from the Smart Women Smart Money Conference, here they are.  It was interesting and very motivating to listen to this "Dave Ramsey" breakout session:

  • 70 % of people live paycheck to paycheck.  55% of those people say they "Always" or "Sometimes" worry about money.
  • Women invest less, earn less, save less.....and live longer them men. ~They used this quote to show the importance of Women taking control of their finances and learning to manage them better.
  • Emotional spending is BAD spending.  It's not targeted and therefore leads to excessive spending. ~The example used was buying a shirt or new pants so I don't feel fat, or "treating" yourself to something as a reward too often.
Self.worth, value and confidence should be who you ARE.  Not what you SHOULD BE or what you have

"Where do you find your value?"  now take away all your "stuff"....where does your value lie?

"Is APPEARING more important then BEING?" ~Debt is dangerous because it's personal.  No one knows that you have no money, they just see that you drive a nice car, wear nice clothes and APPEAR to have "it all".
Before you buy anything ask yourself "What is my motivation in this purchase?"

We have to separate Happiness and Stuff.

What do you value most in your life?  Write it down as a daily reminder.
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