Sunday, August 1, 2010

Using the Internet to find coupons

Yesterday I went to an Outlet mall. I have been there before, and I knew what types of stores were there, and where I planned on shopping. Before I left, I did an internet search for the stores I planned to visit and the word "coupon". One of the first sights that came up on the search was yes, I bookmarked it). I was able to find Old Navy, Eddie Bower, Aeropostale, The Childrens Place, Osh Kosh and Cold Water Creek coupons on that site.

Direct store sights often have coupons posted on their site. It's worth checking the stores direct site before you go. Sign up for their mailing list and you should start receiving email coupons from them. Some times they email you a coupon immediately after you sign up, which means you can sign up right before you leave to go shopping. Don't forget to check your email before you leave for any store coupons you might already have. Yesterday I checked my email and found an Aeropostale, and Osh Kosh email coupon I printed off and took with me.
*This tip is also valid on restaurants*

Facebook groups are another good resource for current discounts, promotions and freebies. My favorite Facebook group is Freebies 2 Deals. Deals are posted on Facebook with links to their website. With over 5,000 followers also posting deals they find, I check that site multiple times a day.

Some coupons say "not valid with any other discount or promotion." Yesterday, Old Navy was having a 40% off everything in the store promo. When I got to check out I mentioned that I had a few coupons. The cashier said she didn't think they would work, but she would try. Well, they did. I got the 40% off promo, plus an extra 30% off a single item! I then gave my sister another coupon I had and she was able to score an additional $5 off $20 on top of the 40% off promo.
It's always worth asking if the coupons will work and asking them to just try scanning it.

With a little thinking ahead, and a few internet searches, you can get some amazing deals!

UPDATE: Try City Deals for some awesome deals on gift certificates!
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  1. I love Groupon! It is a service that has one coupon per day, and there are some pretty great discounts. I was recently able to get a series of 3 anti-gravity yoga classes for $10. (It would have normally been $30.) They have also had restaurants, spas, and activities recently.

    The really great thing is that they have discounts in cities all over the US, so when we travel I am going to check groupon for activities before we go.


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