Friday, August 6, 2010

Thrifty pre made treats at home

Numerous brands produce pre-made foods for your convenience. And for "your convenience" they charge a hefty price. Here is a simple, thrifty way to make pre made treats at home.

When you have a few minutes of spare time, make a batch of cookie dough. It doesn't matter what recipe or what brand of chocolate chips......any recipe you want. The other day I was making cinnamon rolls and I figured while I had my Bosch out, I might as well make some cookie dough too. I used the recipe on the back of the bag of chocolate chips.
Drop spoonfuls of dough onto waxed paper on a cookie sheet. You are not cooking them, so place the dough as close as you can. They can even touch a little because you will be able to break them apart later. Place the whole sheet in the freezer, and freeze until solid.
When they are frozen, take them off of the cookie sheet and place in gallon size freezer bag. Be sure and mark them with the date so you can use the oldest ones first.

To bake, place desired amount of frozen dough balls on cookie sheet and bake according to recipe. *You may need to cook a little longer since you are starting out with frozen dough and not room temp. Keep an eye on them the first batch, then you can write how long to bake them on the bag you put back in the freezer.*

You can bake a few at a time, or dozens at a time, whatever you need/want. We have baked a few in our toaster oven and didn't have to heat up the whole stove for a few cookies. Some people bake the cookies, and freeze them cooked. I have found that baked cookies fall apart in the freezer. So when you go to eat them they are all crumbs. Besides, what beats a warm, hot soft cookie right out of the oven?

Having frozen cookie dough is a great backup for last minute desserts, soccer treats, neighbor "thank you" treats......anything, and it's thrifty!

How do you make homemade "convenience foods"?
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  1. My friend Madelyn gave me a recipe for Pizza Rolls that is fabulous! They are like cinnamon rolls but with pizza filling.
    You take a basic bread roll recipe, roll it out thin, add pizza or spaghetti sauce (Not too much or the toppings will slide), and toppings. Then roll like a cinnamon roll and cut with floss or string.
    Place on cookie sheets and let freeze.
    When you are ready to use, lay out the frozen rolls, sprinkle cheese on top and let rise then bake. Yummy!


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