Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My favorite websites

People always ask me where to find certain deals. Well, here is a list of my favorite websites: (I have this as my homepage) This site is constantly updated with great deals for all types of things. I've bought many things from Amazon, got an underwater camera case for my Cannon digital camera and tons of cheap toys. This is where I start EVERYTIME I start to price vacations. See my Vacation Airfare post for more in-depth details on kayak and travel tips. I check this site daily too. It's mostly furniture refinishing. Brooke uses a lot of color, mostly's a little too crazy for me, but the ideas she has are amazing! Check out her Piano makeover, talk about motivating! Here is her version of my laundryroom art work. There is also a FB page, Freebies2deals. I check the FB page daily, and every so often I check the actual website. Lots of coupon tips, free trials, and local deals. Amy also has a FB page, savvyshopperdeals. This is where I got the idea of the coupon organizer notebook that I posted here. I make it a point to take my notebook into every grocery store I go in. Yesterday I was able to get 5 marked down Kraft grated Mexican style cheese for 99¢. I bought 5 of them, and used a coupon from my coupon notebook for $5 off the purchase of 5 Kraft items. So I technically made 5¢ on the purchase.
I didn't go in with the intention of buying cheese at all, but since I had my notebook with me I scored 5 bags for FREE!

What sites do you follow that should be on this list?
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