Monday, July 2, 2012

Virtual Paint Preview site FREE (repost)

As I stated over the weekend, I have a few makeover ideas in mind for my house.  I thought now might be a good time to remind everyone of this cool "Virtual Paint" website.

When I was trying to convince my husband to let me two-tone our house, he was afraid painting the walls tan would darken the rooms in our house. He couldn't see my vision. I found this AMAZING site. Bher has a FREE online virtual paint preview called Paint Your Space.

I LOVE this site because you can choose any color and accent colors if you want and then you UPLOAD YOUR OWN PHOTOS to virtually paint!

I took photos of our kitchen, uploaded them to Bher's Paint Your Space, chose my color and began virtual painting. You can change the color at any time, and even save your projects. The program works a lot like Paint Brush on your computer. Click on an area, and it turns the color you chose.

After virtually two-toning my kitchen, I showed my husband and he said "That looks really good!" I TOLD YOU IT WOULD!!!! ( what I wanted to say) ;)

And the really cool thing is, after we painted the house, we were amazed that it looked EXACTLY like the photo! I then went crazy and started taking photos of every room to upload and "paint". Paint Your Space also helped me decide NOT to paint a room the way I was thinking of painting it.

**Be sure to NOT get the flat paint. Flat paint does NOT hide fingerprints. And it's hard to wipe clean. Semigloss is the most common type of basic paint because it cleans up well.

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