Monday, October 11, 2010

Lego Themed Birthday Party Ideas

I just finished my son's "LEGO" birthday cake and I wanted to share what I did.
Here is the final result:

And a Side view:

So here is what I did....
First I baked 1 normal cake in a rectangle pan.
Then I baked a 2nd cake in a large bread pan. I had some excess batter left, so I made 4 cupcakes as well.
  1. Level cake (which means cut off the top that has rounded after baking), and flip upside down on a prepped board or tray. (I use a heavy duty piece of cardboard covered in heavy duty tin foil.
  2. Frost the rectangle cake white
  3. Cut the "LEGO Guy body" out of the loaf pan. (see below) **SAVE THE EXTRAS, YOU NEED THEM LATER
  4. After leveling the cake loaf, place LEGO body on top of the white cake. **Remember when placing that you still need room for his head.
  5. Take a section of your "left overs" from the cake loaf and cut a rectangle strip to put across his feet so his toes stick out. Attach with a bit of frosting.
  6. Color the frosting the colors you would like and begin frosting the LEGO body.
  7. For the head, take one of the Cupcakes you made with the excess batter....take the paper off, cut one of the sides flat, and place on cake so the top of the cupcake is his "neck" and the flat bottom of the cupcake is the top of his head.
  8. Continue to frost the head yellow.
  9. I cleaned up my frosted body with star tip shells around the edges. You will also need brown or black frosting to add detail and a face.
  10. For hands, I placed 2 yellow M&M candies in the frosting.
  11. I wanted more color on my background cake, so I took the left over colored frosting and made the shell boarder around the bottom and top edges of the cake.
It was my intent to scatter some LEGO block candies around the background cake. But when I finished the Lego guy, I thought it might look crowded.

On the advice of friends, I found LEGO block candies at a local grocery store (Macey's) in the bulk candy section. They were about $4.50 a pound. I did use them on top of cupcakes for his friend party. The kids LOVED them! They actually click together!
I also made a sort of "Pin the tail on the Donkey" game with a Lego guy. I free-handed a LEGO guy on card stock, laminated it and the boys played "Build the Lego guy" by attaching him with magnets to a magnet board while blindfolded.

This little guys is made out of 1 large marshmallow and 1 1/2 small ones. Use a wodden skewer and place 1/2 a small marshmellow, then the large one, then the whole small one on top. You then use edible markers to color the marshmellow yellow, and draw a face on him. (Most had a "normal" Lego face) :)

I also Googled "LEGO coloring pages" and printed off some for the boys to color. I was surprised how long they colored them!

The party was a hit and the birthday boy loved his LEGO Birthday!
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  1. I love your lego party and cake. Homemade cakes are the best. Although my sons all love legos, not one of them has picked that theme for a party. I'm working on a Sonic the Hedgehog party for next month. Found you at Under the Table and Dreaming link party.

  2. I have a lego lover in my house and he has a bday in March...I'll be trying to coax him into picking the lego theme...this is too cute! (I do cakes too...loads of wedding cakes and like you, more bdays than I can count!) :)
    Have a great week

  3. My youngest son's birthday is tomorrow (1-11-11) which is kind of fun. I'm working on his cake tonight (currently waiting for it to cool), he wanted an Army theme. I'll post pics when I'm done.

  4. Awesome cake! We did a lego party last summer for my kids...two games that were HUGE hits....put some legos into a small bowl (one per child), then put another empty bowl next to it...have them use chopsticks and time them...whoever gets the most legos into the empty bowl in 1 min wins! FUNNY to watch for sure! The other game...we had 1 line of kids and 1 line of their parents..the kids started with a spoon and a lego on the spoon, they had to walk/run down to their parent and transfer the lego to the parent's spoon without dropping and then the parent had to walk/run back to the finish line...A LOT of fun!

  5. We are having a lego party soon. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Melismama, what great ideas! I like the spoon lego one, I bet that was hard!

  7. Thank you giving this information. Best of luck for the future.

  8. WOW! Really cute ideas. It seems like every boy just HAS to have a lego party :)


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