Monday, November 8, 2010

HUGE board game sale at Toys R Us

Toys R Us is doing a HUGE board game sale. Click HERE to see their prices.

And to sweeten the deal, there is THIS rebate form.

"You can only use 1 game per form." This wording confused me (if you look at the form you will understand). What it means is you can only check the "Battleship" box for 1 game. You can't buy 6 Battleship's and get a rebate for them all. BUT if you wanted to, you could purchase one of each game and get a rebate for all of them. :)

There is also a $10 gift card if you purchase $35 IN STORE ONLY. Also, if you can find the "Chocolate Monopoly, or Chocolate Scrabble" you get one free with purchase again, IN STORE ONLY. (I've tried all this online, it did not work)

Cheap games for kids for Christmas, birthday or even the Salvation Army giving tree, or Sub for Santa.

**I price matched at Walmart, didn't get the Toys R Us gift card, but I just realized the rebate form is a TOYS R US REBATE FORM. You can't price match at Walmart for the rebate. :( Great deal if you live near a T.R.U.
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