Thursday, December 23, 2010

After Christmas Deals

I wanted to get a list of items I usually look for on after Christmas deals before everyone headed out for after Christmas deals:

I got these rolls of wrapping paper for .50 last year at Walgreens.  I used them for neighbor gifts with a cute little poem I blogged about HERE. (I also got the container at Target after Christmas)

Bath sets.  These are normally $9.99 at Walmart.  You can pick up a few of these for 50%, 75%, 90% off, wrap them in cute cellophane with a bow and they make great teacher presents!  I bought these at 50% off, so they were $5 each.  The longer you wait, the better the discount, but the worse the selection.

Next years stocking stuffers!  Gift bags are a wonderful purchase for friend, kid, coworker or neighbor gifts.  Small toys, chap stick, puzzles make great stocking stuffers.  And don't forget your fuzzy socks!  I got the ones pictured for $1!!

Paper products are another great thing to look for.  I've found in recent years that a lot of people are also looking for these.  They are hard to find on clearance anymore, the cat is out of the bag. :(  But if you find some, GRAB THEM AND RUN!  Any packaging with seasonal decor or snowflakes should be marked down.  If it doesn't look like it is, find a scanner and try it anyways.  Ziploc containers (like I mentioned in THIS post), plastic wrap, baggies, candles, paper plates will all be marked down, and will be the first to go.

 Last but not least.....candy.  You can store it in a freezer if you don't think it will last on a shelf in your food storage.  My kids will be getting these that I purchased last year as well as M&M's.  We have Rice Krispies with red and green M&M's all summer long!  Another trick I've found with Holiday Hershey's Kisses is you can buy them after Christmas and use the red and silver ones for Valentines treats or gifts, and then you can use the green ones for St. Patrick's day treats or gifts. (or just eat them like we do) ☺

Let me know if you find any deals you think I should post up here!
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