Thursday, December 16, 2010

Creative Neighbor Gifts 2

This year we are giving out rolls of wrapping paper with a tag on them that read:
At the moment you think you've got Christmas wrapped
Another last minute gift falls right in your lap
Now don't worry or wail, "Cause we've got you covered."
Just stash this gift wrap in the closet or cupboard
Along with Holiday wishes and a thank-you sincere,
For the gifts of kindness you've given us this year.

Or how about frozen cookie dough?  I posted how to make frozen cookie dough HERE

My friend gave me this cute little package with frozen cookie dough inside a Ziploc container.  It was like 2 presents in one!  Cookies AND a Ziploc container! Plus the fact that I don't have to make the cookie dough! :)
The tag attached reads:
After Christmas, when things get slow....
Go to the freezer and get some dough.....
Get your pans and turn on the heat....
Bake these cookies for a family treat!
325 for 17 minutes
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