Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Free Family Fun

Click HERE to play the Chuck E. Cheese Ticket Blaster game online.  You can win up to 30 tickets per game.  Play once per child and print them off, and take them to your local Chuck E. Cheese and you get the tickets which can be redeemed at the prize station. 

I did this last time the Ticket Blaster game was up, and it worked great.  30 tickets gets you a lot at the prize station.

Ways to get FREE tokens:
  1. Round up your child's report card.  If you take their report card to Chuck E. Cheese your child is rewarded for good grades and will receive 15 coins each....for FREE.  We even go in without the kids to redeem the report cards and then we save the tokens and go all at once after we have a cupful.
  2. Sign up for the Chuck E. Cheese email newsletter and on their birthday your child will receive an email coupon for free tokens around the time of their birthday.

My kids know we NEVER eat a Chuck E. Cheese.  They love to go play the games.  That's the whole point of Chuck E. Cheese anyways right? 
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