Tuesday, December 28, 2010

IKEA kids eat free!

My kids LOVE when IKEA does this!  Now through Jan. 9, 2011 kids 12 and under eat free.  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!

Kids get the choice of 3 items.  Including meatballs, pasta, mashed potatoes, mac&cheese, veggies, drink, cookies, sandwiches, milk, cookies.....any combo of 3 items is fine.

When we go, my 3 boys get their free meals upstairs and my husband goes downstairs by the exit and grabs us a 2 hotdog 2 chips and a drink combo for $2.00. (I think we get 2 chips, it might be just 1 bag of chips) He then brings it upstairs to the cafeteria and we all eat together for $2.00 total!

Then we have fun walking around and looking at all the furniture.  It's something different for the kids and they LOVE it!
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