Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Play-Doh sets less then $5.99

 Amazon has Play-Doh sets on sale!  Here are a few:

Play-Doh Campfire set is $5.99 marked down from $16.99 (5/5 review, but only 1 person has reviewed it)
Play-Doh Cake Making set is $4.99 was $16.99 (reviews are lower on this one)
Play-Doh Puppy Play set is $4.99 was $14.99 (no reviews)
Play-doh-Food-Poppin-Movie-Snacks set is $4.99 was $14.99 (lower reviews)

If you search for "Play-Doh sets" every one that comes up has been marked down.  I've only posted the cheapest ones.  They also have a Play-Doh Fun Factory set for $7.99 down from $19.99.  This is a little more then the ones I've posted above.

*Remember, shipping is FREE with Amazon mom! (I ♥ that Amazon did that this year!)
Or Free with a $25 minimum purchase.
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