Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolution Top 4 tips and books to help

Do your new year's resolutions include financial management?  You need to check out this book: 

Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover 
I've read this book, it's great.  There are a bunch of wonderful tips, worksheets and overall advice to get your finances in order.  It's a very motivating book and would be great to help get you on the right track to achieve your fiscal goal.

Another goal you might have is to de-clutter and organize your home and space.  If so, this book (below) is AMAZING:

Peter Walsh's It's all too much  I talked about this book in THIS post earlier this year.  This book is VERY motivating.  So much so that I actually ordered my own copy of this book after borrowing it from the library.  Peter Walsh not only talks about organizing, but about simplifying your life and realizing that you don't need everything you think you do.  I love this book.  In fact, I've just motivated myself to re-read it this week! :)

Here are 4 things to help with your resolutions I found on CNN:
1. Be specific about your goal.

2. Set a realistic goal.
Make sure you set something achievable and sustainable.
3. Establish a plan to reach your goal.

4. Set a time frame to reach your goal.
"Thirty days is a manageable goal to start with, and then go from there,"
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  1. I have both of these books, And had planned to use them as my new years resolutions. Still reading the TMMO, with tight money that's what my husband and I got for Christmas! These really are wonderful ideas and books!

  2. Let us know how the TMMO goes for you! I love this time of year when everyone is focused on being a better person. The gym's are more crowded, I don't like that part...but overall this time of year there is a very positive vibe in the air.
    I'm taking a Finance class starting Jan. 6th, so I'll be posting things I've learned...stay tuned!


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