Monday, January 24, 2011

Buy Low, Provo UT, Wed....Chicken $1.18/pound

Are you sick of hearing about Chicken yet?  Just one more thing....

So, here's the deal with the $1.18/pound boneless skinless chicken breast.
It's at Buy Low in Provo WEDNESDAY 1/26 ONLY, "While supplies last", family pack or larger (no 40 lb minimum) and it's fresh not frozen.  Are you thinking of the Carl's Jr. commercial right now?  I
If you want to to guarantee that you get some chicken call 801-812-2000 to pre-order.

If you don't want to commute for your Chicken, the Macey's deal at $1.28 is an AWESOME deal.  This one is off the charts, but it's also out of my "save money" zone.  It's not worth my commute to go to Buy Low.  I do like that you can pre-order it though!

(Thanks SavvyShopper!)
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