Monday, January 24, 2011

How to freeze chicken

I had my hubby stop by Macey's on his way home to pick up a 40 pound box of Boneless Skinless Chicken breasts for $1.28 a pound.  This is what they look like when you open your 40 pound box.  4 separate 10 lb bags with semi-frozen chicken.
Okay, this photo looks disgusting!  It didn't look that bad on my camera, or in real life.  HA HA  Anyways...
So we (and by "we" I mean my hubby) took the chicken out of the 10 lb bags and started putting them in zip-loc freezer bags.  We use the Quart size ones.
We can fit about 3 breasts in each baggie and that works out to be the perfect amount for our family for one meal.  We stuff a few gallon size bags to make a large meal that will have leftovers.  My husband Stir-fry's all the time and when he makes curry you could feed an army with the amount he cooks up! (He makes a ton and takes it to work for lunches)

So here is our chicken all nice and neat in their freezer bags.  When said hubby is super motivated he trims the fat (or most of it) off the chicken before we store them.  That way it's quick and easy to slice up for stir fry or fajitas when we want to.  Here are a few tips to freezing your chicken:
  • Trimming the fat as I stated above is a pain now, but a time saver later.  If you are making a broth with the chicken later, you probably want to leave the fat on the chicken.
  • Use quart size bags.  They are just the right size for 3-4 breasts.  
  • Using a variety of sizes is convenient for different size recipes. (like curry to feed an army) ☺
  • DATE YOUR CHICKEN! HA HA  No, seriously, write with a marker the date you bagged it so you know which chicken to use first.
  • When you freeze it, lie it as flat as you can in the freezer.  It's easier to store a bag of chicken that has frozen in the form of a book then in the form of a ball. :)  Once it's frozen solid you can store it upright or however you want.
I think that's about it!  We got a total of 5 quart and 5 gallon bags from the 40 pound box.  That equals out to be over 20 meals for our family of 5.  That's less then $4 a meal!  Talk about living Thrifty! :)
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  1. You are a HUGE help. These last few years have been tough..the economy has made it hard to make ends meet. Well, with your help I think 2011 will be a great year for our budget. Thank you!


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