Thursday, January 20, 2011

Funny things from my life

I love my boys.  I wanted to share a few funny things they said this past week:
We were hiking in Zions National Park this weekend and after we had been on the trail for about 40 minutes we come across this trail marker:
My son sees it and tells my other boys that "That means you can't go up here unless you have shoes on."  As you can see, the trail was packed with snow and we had already been hiking for 40 minutes.  We all had a good laugh at that one. :)
This sign reads "To Protect Fragile Desert Environment" as it's sticking out of 4" of snow.

The next one comes from my 5 year old.  We were in the hotel hot tub and my boys figure out that the Kiddie pool next to the hot tub has ice in it.  So they start running from the hot tub to the Kiddie pool to bring ice chunks back to melt in the warm water.  My 5 year old brings back a chunk that was shaped different from the others they had been bringing back.  I asked him "Where did you get that one?" He replies "From the cat place."  I instantly think there is cat poop somewhere he's found ice near, or a dead cat.....who knows!  Then he says "Over there" and we realize he thought we were saying Kitty pool, not Kiddie pool. It was so cute!

Yesterday the same 5 year old found a drawing he drew a few weeks ago "When I was 4" he said.  Which was true, his birthday was 1/11.  They grow up so fast! :(
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  1. Very cute! Happy Birthday, C!!!!

  2. Hi Michelle-

    Thanks for inviting me to your Thrifty Link Party. I will put a link up. Thanks.

    I love the shoe print signs you saw in Zion. Sign making and hte symbols have surely come along way from the plain Stop or Do Not Enter, Danger etc. I like that there is a bit of ingenuity and clever thinking to them.
    My best- Diane


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