Wednesday, March 2, 2011

House Party

 Have you heard of the website House Party?

Business want to get their product exposed to the most people possible.  So House Party is set up for people to apply to host a "house party" where you can invite people over to experience the product with you.

You can sign up for FREE HERE and enter for a chance to host a house party for different companies. They ask you questions like "What would you do to make this party special? How many people would you invite?"  You answer a little survey like that for each product you apply for.  Apply for as many as you like, and if you are accepted you will get an email from them with further instructions.

Last October I hosted a Beyblade party (those of you with boys will know what I'm talking about....for everyone else, they are basically "battle" tops that spin and fight in an arena until the one falls over).  I got over $50 in free product plus posters, CD's and $2 off coupons for all our guests.  We used the house party as my sons birthday party and all the kids LOVED it.

I was recently accepted to host a Philadelphia Cooking Cream house party.  I got the hostess packet in the mail today.  Here's what was in it:
Coupons (4) for free cooking cream, an oven mitt and A SKILLET for me.  My guests will all take home a Philly notebook, wooden spoon, $1 off coupon, $10 coupon from HSN , a recipe book and a magnet.  HOLY COW!!!!  I was SHOCKED to see the skillet in there!  I was wondering why the box was so heavy.

Now I'm excited about my house party! :)
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