Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday fun for a family of 5......$16.

We have had great weather this week, maybe there is such a thing as Spring!!  We spent the day today as a family and had a wonderful time....for really cheap of course! ☺ Here is a break down of our "day of fun".
  • Salt Lake City St. Patrick's Day parade.  -Cost: $5 for parking.

  • We sat and watched the parade.   -Cost: FREE

  • Ben and Jerry's treat that we all shared. -Cost: FREE I signed up for Ben and Jerry Chunk Mail and got a free coupon for a single cone that I printed off and brought along.
  • Lunch was at McDonald's. -Cost: $11 20 piece McNuggets for $4.99, 2 McDoubles, 1 side salad, 2 large drinks.
Total cost for our Saturday Day of Fun......$16.  
$16 is TOTALLY worth my kids not playing video games all day long! :)
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  1. AWESOME! I wish we did more things like this!


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