Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2 phone calls saved me $180

I made 2 phone calls that saved me a ton of money today.

The first one was to my bank.  There was a miscommunication between myself, my bank and Paypal and I was charged a $50 fee.  I called my bank and explained the situation and they refunded me the $50 fee they charged.  Most banks will waive one fee from your account.  I know Chase waives one fee per year.  So if you have any type of fee on your account, give your bank a call and see if they will waive it.

The second call I made was to a hotel we had "Web Only NO cancellation" reservation at.  Our plans changed and we can no longer use the reservation.  Because I bought the discounted rate online they can not refund me the $130.00 (total for 2 nights).  I called this morning and talked to a manager and he said "We can't cancel the reservation, but we can change the date to anytime this year."  AWESOME!!!  I seriously thought all hope was gone on this one.  So I pushed the reservation back to October and now we have a fall trip planned!

Moral of the story is........IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK.
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  1. :) Great Job! And you get another vacation out of it.


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