Thursday, April 28, 2011

Funny things from my life this morning....

You might remember this vinyl decal I blogged about HERE.  My oldest boy has problems thinking positive so I wanted a reminder on the back of the front door as he leaves for school.

Every morning my kids run late for school.  They walk 3 minutes to school, and I swear they are the last ones there every morning.  It was a typical morning of me counting out loud "You have 10 minutes......5 minutes until the first bell rings.....3 minutes until the second bell rings.." (I need to find a better tactic, this one is not working) :)

As they are finally headed out the door my #2 child says "Mom, is it pizza day today?" (Every Thursday's lunch is pizza)  I reply "Yes, if you guys ever get there!" To which he replies "Mom, think positive!"  We all start laughing as they walk out the door.

It was a great start to a sunny warm day here in Utah!
(Then the crossing guard comes to the door to tell me my car door has been open since we came home last night at 7:00 pm......hopefully the battery is not dead)
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