Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Updated Thrifty 101 Newspaper Discount Rates

Did you miss not getting coupons in the newspaper last week?  I did, but then again it gave me a week off from cutting and filing. :) 
This week we are going to get at least 3 inserts in our papers nation wide!!

Coupon inserts include the Proctor and Gamble insert that only comes once a month. YAY!  And for those of you in Utah, check out the updated discounted Thrifty 101 rates for all major UT newspapers HERE.

A few of the papers have lowered their subscription rates, and the SLC Trib. and Deseret news have a Smith's gift card promo going on now.

If you order your subscription by Thursday this week your subscription will start THIS Sunday.

If you've wanted to try couponing, these discounted rates on subscriptions are a great place to start. And if you are already a "couponer" you can score more items with more coupons if you have multiple subscriptions to your newspaper.

Utah Papers available:
  • Salt Lake Tribune (All of UT)
  • Deseret News (All of UT)
  • Daily Herald (UT County)
  • Herald Journal (Cache County)
  • Ogden Standard Examiner (Davis County)

Call Debbie at 1-801-344-2959 to order and tell her you saw it on Thrifty 101 to get these exclusive rates.

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