Friday, May 27, 2011

15 Things your lifeguard won't tell you

I just found this article on  As some of you might know, I was a lifeguard/swim instructor all through highschool and college.  And as a precurser let me say I took my job VERY seriously.  Lives are literally at stake when you are a lifeguard. 

I was curious about how true the "15 Things your lifeguard won't tell you" was so I read the article.  I thought it was too funny (and true) to not share.  I've shortened the list and added my own thoughts.  For the full article you can click HERE, it's well worth a few minutes of your time, hilarious and insightful.

1. We clean the bathrooms ...TRUE

2. ... and run the concession stand TRUE

3. We can't watch everyone TRUE

4. Our pool shouldn't smell like chlorine TRUE (a slight smell, but not overwhelming)

5. We don't always clear the pool after an "accident" ...FALSE I would not swim at a pool that didn't do this

6. ... and if we do, it's not always real you have any idea how upset patrons get when you kick them out of a pool that they paid to swim in!?! We only clear the pool if it's necessary.

7. We need you to watch your kids 100% TRUE!!!!  Lifeguards can't watch everyone all the time.

8. We swim after we eat TRUE

9. Thunder is our best friend TRUE, see #6.  Thunder/Lightening is a legit reason to clear the pool.

10. We hate arm floaties TRUE!!!!!!  My kids will NEVER wear floaties or those ugly tube/swimming suites.  I cringe when I see kids swimming with arm floaties.

11. The thought of doing CPR scares us TRUE, but I think it would scare anyone.  It's something lifeguards are trained for.

12. We know when you drop your kids off TRUE.  This one was really funny because those kids are always the ones that talk to the lifeguards EVERYDAY.

13. We have rules for a reason TRUE.  They seem dumb, but they are there for your safety.

14. We care about tan lines TRUE

15. We're still kids ourselves TRUE  The stories in this article about diving board tricks are all true.  We played many games of "Jump, Twist or Dive" when the pool was empty. :)

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  1. Great insight, and I agree. Another good one is putting a kid in a life jacket doesn't mean they are safe and that you don't have to watch them. Remember how many times we had to jump in after a kid in a life jacket. And another funny one would be, the water is clear, we can see what you are doing under there, so no funny business. I remember a couple standing directly under my stand flashing each other as if I couldn't see it.


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