Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Discounted UT Newspaper subscriptions updated

I just updated the Thrifty 101 discounts on the major Utah Newspapers! 
These are the lowest rates you can get on multiple Sunday subscriptions

You can click HERE to see the updated pricing.

If you order by Thursday night you will get this Sunday's paper.

Why should you get multiple Sunday papers? 

COUPONS!!!!  The more papers you get, the more coupons you get!  The Daily Herald comes with BOTH Smart Source and Red Plum inserts.  The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News only have the Smart Source inserts.  And don't forget the extra Specialty store coupons like Smiths (% off coupons and $25 gift cards with prescription), Michael's and Roberts (40-50% off), Target ($10 gift cards with a filled prescription!), Sports store coupons as well as the sneaky ones they put in the Parade now and then!

Recently there was a coupon in the Parade for a free KFC sandwich with the purchase of a 32 oz drink (a $4 value).   So multiply that by the 5 subscriptions you could be getting of the Sunday paper and you've already saved $20!  That more then makes up for one month of newspapers with that coupon alone!

Another recent example is the Smith's Coupon Event.  Most (not all) of the internet coupons you print off of the internet say right on the top "DO NOT DOUBLE".  When Smith's does their Coupon Event, you want to be ready with coupons that CAN be doubled to maximize your savings.  Some stores have opted out of even taking printed coupons because of counterfeit issues.
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