Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FREE Jamberry Nail Shields + FREE shipping! Hurry!

I just found this new deal site "SaveMore.com".  If you sign up right now you instantly get a $10 credit to your account.....but it gets even better.....

The Jamberry Nail deal is over.  I hope you were able to get some, they are really fun.
They have a deal up right now for a $15 Jamberry Nail Shield voucher for $7.50.  Use your $10 credit and get it 100% FREE!!!!

You can often find Jamberry nail shields at this price on numerous deal sites, but this one ends up being FREE!!! Can't beat that! :)

That's what I just did. :) Click HERE to sign up and get your $10 credit.

I've had a few people ask me some questions about this deal....here's the DL:
  • Yes they do ask for credit card info.  This is typical of deal sites even when the balance is zero.  They want to make it easy for you the next time you order.  You can go into your account and delete your cc after you order BUT I would wait until your order is finalized.
  • Yes it is a legit company.  I have not heard of any problems with SaveMore.com.
  • SaveMore.com gives you a promo code (that will be ready in 13 hours when the deal is closed) You then use that promo code on your products website during checkout.
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