Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"What's next on your Home Improvement list?"

Yesterday my brother-in-law asked me "What's next on your Home Improvement list?"

What a great question!  I'm also flattered that he asked ME and not my husband. ha ha  He knows how I work. ;)

I thought I would share what is on my list and most likely on future posts:
  • Bean balls ☺ (you'll see.  If you have been watching the DIY Thrifty Thursday you know what they are)
  • Make a weight rack
  • Have a garage sale (or take a massive amount of stuff to good will)
  • Get a new back door for our house
  • Re finish the door frame around the back door (sand and paint)
  • Fix screens on 2 windows
  • New carpet is always on the list but I keep finding these amazing prices on vacations! dang it! lol
  • Do a few more of my most recent picture frame projects and blog about them
  • I would also LOVE to paint a bathroom.  I'm really liking the two toned stripe fad that is in right now.  It would be fun, but not sure I'm going to do it yet....
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  1. Hi Michelle ! You are going to do a fantastic job. It looks very nice. I also got an idea for improvement of my home. Thanks for this blog.


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