Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Smith's Coupon Match up

I just picked it up and noticed 2 things that have great printable coupons available that are also on sale during the Mega Event starting tomorrow.

*NOTE: 10 items can be mixed and matched.  No need to purchase 10 bottles of Sunny D. :)

A few of the other items in their Mega Event sale are:
  1. Capri sun or Kool-Aid Jammers for $1.49 each, 
  2. Cap'n Crunch cereal $1.49 (I know I have at least 3 coupons for Captain Crunch in my notebook!)
  3. American Beauty pasta for .49.
  4. Tide $10.49 (I also know I have a TON of Tide Coupons in my stash)
To see a complete list of coupon match-ups at Smith's this week, click HERE.
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