Friday, June 17, 2011

Melted Crayon Art

After the amazing guest post by Laura at Come Together Kids  I  my boys could not wait to try the melted crayon art!  Here's what we did.

Attach a piece of tinfoil to the top of our pancake griddle.  I used tape to attach it to 2 sides so it didn't slip off.  I was curious as to why we needed the tinfoil.  Here are my thoughts on that. 1) The griddle has grease on it that would soak through the paper you are drawing on. 2) The tinfoil lessens the direct heat on the paper. 3) You don't want melted crayons on your griddle.  Here's what the tinfoil looked like after:

I used Microsoft Word and inserted "shapes" onto a new document and printed them out.  I added a star, lightening bolt and a sun.  You could Google "coloring pages" and find whatever image you like. My boys loved coloring the print outs, but then opted to create their own designs on blank paper.

They had so much fun, they did picture after picture for hours.  When they woke up this morning they asked if they could do the melted crayon pictures again.  

It was a FREE, fun and entertaining project for my boys to do while it was VERY windy outside yesterday.  We will definitely be doing it again....probably today! :)

A few tips I learned yesterday:
  • Tape the tinfoil down in at least 2 places (don't let the tape touch the griddle)
  • Remove most if not all of the paper from the crayons.  They melt fast and it's funner if you don't have to stop and remove paper
  • Give your child something they can use to hold the paper still on the griddle.  My oldest used a plastic fork.
  • Crayons melt FAST.  You really don't have to press on them at all.  Just glide the crayon across the paper.
  • Sparkly crayons look really neat when melted. ☺
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  1. Yay! I'm so glad your kids liked it as much as mine did. (and as for the tin foil, I put it on so they wouldn't get melted crayon on my griddle and ruin my next batch of pancakes! ;) )

  2. Laura, they made more projects today! They LOVED it! I finally put everything away and cleared off the counter today and all 3 of them protested. Thanks for sharing such a fun activity with us!


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