Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shopping Clearance Items

I just got back from Smith's and thought I'd share a few good clearance deals I got.

First I picked up this package of Capri Sun for .99 because one of the corners was damaged was $1.99.  All juice pouches were accounted for and not damaged.
 2. I bought this huge container of Clorox wipes for $2.49 was $4.99.  I don't use these and I'm not even sure this is a GREAT deal.  I know it's a GOOD deal, but I figured it was worth $2.50 to donate to my sons classroom.
 On clearance because the package was ripped.
 3. Purina Cat food with ripped bag.  Was $13.79 now to $5.99.....but wait....there's more......
 BOOYAH!!! -$2 coupon = $3.99 for a package of cat food normally $13.79
 On a side note I bought this cute little "Puppy Playdoh" set yesterday at Walmart for my "gift stash" for $9 was $14.97.  They have a lot of toys on clearance as well as summer toys and baseball equipment.

A few "Clearance sale" tips:
  1. Know what the sale price is normally for the item.  I disregarded this tip today when I purchased the Clorox wipes, but like I said...I am okay with a $2.50 donation to my child's class.
  2. "Clearance" does NOT mean "GREAT DEAL" (refer to #1)
  3. You CAN use coupons on clearance items (sale items too FYI)
  4. Check for packages that are TOO damaged before you purchase them.  Be sure it is something still usable and worth the amount left. Like the cat food I bought.  The bag was ripped and taped back together.  I'm sure there was some missing (the bag did rip at some point in time) but the amount missing was so little that I was okay buying the item damaged.
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