Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gift Giving Value.....Reader Responses Needed!

I find a lot of deals.

This time of year I start to find & share deals on a lot of items that can be given as gifts.

That brings me to my Ethics question of the week:

"Do you give a gift based on the value of the gift, or based on what you paid for it?"

Meaning do you tack a few other items onto the "discount" gift you bought, or do you base it on the retail value of your gift and leave it at that. (?)

I wrote a little about an experience I had last Christmas HERE. But I'd like to know how you as a reader would answer that question.

"Do you give a gift based on the value of the gift, or based on what you paid for it?"

And as a follow up question:
"If you knew the item you just received was on a super sale last month and didn't cost the giver much, would you care?" Let's say the item is regularly $50 but you knew it was on sale for $15.....does that make a difference?

There are no "right or wrong" answers. I am just curious about your thoughts.

Thanks! :)
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  1. Good question. For me, it depends on the recipient. If the gift is for someone I know well and really care about, I'll use the money I saved to buy a few more things that I know they'll like. If the gift is for someone I'm not as close to (a bday gift for one of my kids' classmates, for example), I'll just enjoy the fact that I got them a good gift at a good price.

  2. I think it's more the value and quality also. As a military family, we are away from our families and have to travel home for the holidays. This cross country trip costs A LOT. On top of this, we always feel like we need to give gifts, because everyone does the same for us and we'd feel bad not to, the difference being, they don't have those travel expenses. So to try and give nicer gifts without breaking the bank, of course I'm going to try to find the bargains...clearance, outlet stores, etc. To be honest, at least one gift I'll be giving this year will be something won from a giveaway. But I know the recipient will love it and not care how much or little I paid. To me it doesn't matter how much or little or where a gift came from, but the thought that went into it!!

  3. If I had a friend who didn't have a lot of money or is very careful with her money, I would HOPE she didn't spend the full $50 on me! I am so tired of the obligatory gift-giving in our culture... it has gotten so out of control! I say if you found a good deal or made something yourself that should be enough.

  4. Give from the heart. You'll know what is needed in each situation. I think it is great to give something a little nicer because I got a great deal on something. I even tell them of the great deal and they are always impressed.

  5. I am always happy when I - and others - get a good deal on something. If they saved $ - that's great! No need to add extras to the gift. My only exception is when we've set a price for the gift giving - for example my large family draws names and we set a $20 limit. I'd feel bad spending $10 when I know others paid the full amount.


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