Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest Blogger Features! :)

We just got back from (another) week long road trip. My 5 year old asked why we have to go on so many vacations. ;) We just got back from a road trip to Yellowstone/ Grand Teaton about 2 weeks ago and then today we got back from Southern UT/ Las Vegas. Truth be told it's because we purchased an annual National Parks pass and we are making sure we get our money's worth! ;) We visited our 9th National Park this trip and we have hit 4 of the 5 parks in Utah!

We did Bryce Canyon (above photo), Zions National Park, spent some time with family in Southern Utah then headed to Vegas to see PAUL SIMON IN CONCERT!!!!!!!! Seeing him on concert has been on my "bucket list" so actually going was a wonderful experience for me. It was an amazing concert. I loved it!
And I just have to share this photo. We weren't looking for it (although it did cross my mind to try and find it) and happened to drive right past it a few times. My 8 year old (and I) wanted to stop so we did. We went inside and took a few photos. We didn't see anyone from Pawn Stars there but it was fun to go inside.

While I was gone, Thrifty 101 had a few features I wanted to share with everyone. You might have guessed it, but in Vegas, you have to pay for internet in your room. Guess they don't want you on the computer in your room, they want you in the casinos downstairs! ha ha. Well, being as "thrifty" as I am I was limited to my Smart Phone internet and that doesn't quite cut blog updates.

Today Thrifty 101 was featured on my blog friend Brandy's "Gluesticks" blog. She's on maternity leave and was kind enough to let me take over for the day! Thanks Brandy!
And I got an exciting email from AllFreeChristmasCrafts.com letting me know they published my Winter Blocks in their free ebook! You can download the ebook HERE.

I'm happy to be home. Sad to leave the Vegas weather for the 50 degree weather here. I'm also not looking forward to the pile of laundry waiting for me upstairs. :)
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  1. LOL! When we went to Vegas and tried to visit the Pawn Stars shop, the line was around the building and it was 115! So we didn't get to go inside :(

    Glad you guys got home safe!


  2. Thats crazy! We went on a Monday morning but I saw the ropes outside. There were about 20 or so people inside.


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