Monday, October 24, 2011

How to max the value of your item on Ebay

Every once in a while I'll scour the house for items that I know someone would pay money for. Recently I have sold:
  • 4 rubber stamp sets
  • stamping catalogs
  • Texas Instrument computer w/ games
  • Snow White Halloween costume.
There are 2 major tricks to selling on e-bay. (or any online classifieds)
Tip #1: Be sure you know what your item HAS SOLD for in the past. NOT how much it's currently listed at. At the top to the right of the search bar there is a small "Advanced" link.

Click on that and scroll down to where it says "Completed listing only". When you search for your item you will be able to see like items that have been listed. This will give you an idea on what your item will sell for.
Tip #2: Time your posts. Think of your audience and when they might use your item. I like to sell craft supplies in the summer. I think people that are into crafts have more time in the summer. Especially late summer as the "craft season" starts to get underway. Another example is the Snow White Halloween costume I sold. I waited until October to sell the item and I got $30 more then I thought I would for it. People are looking for costumes on e-bay this time of year and I knew that so I planned my auction accordingly.

Right now people are looking for Halloween costumes. But soon people will be looking for cheap toys and unique gifts. If you have any toys in great condition or that are hard to find it might be worth posting them on e-bay.

If you are curious on the worth of your item....check the Advanced tab that I talked about in Tip #1. There have been many times where I've checked the worth of an item and decided to not post the item because it wasn't worth my time.

I've used Ebay for many years. Do you have any other questions?
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  1. Thank you for posting this. I have many questions! Frankly, I have some cool items that I know would sell. I just don't even know how to get started! A "How to Get Started on Ebay" tutorial would be a huge help to me and maybe others.

  2. Over here from Gluesticks! Neat blog!! Fun.:) Gonna go look some more....


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