Saturday, December 10, 2011

15 Thrifty Christmas presents for Children to give their friends

I've had a few readers ask me for ideas on Thrifty Friend Gifts their children can give to their friends and classmates.  Here are some ideas I came up with.  They aren't all packaged and cute but you get the idea.
  1. Can of soda with a candy cane attached. Kids LOVE their own can of soda.
  2. Ceramic mug with hot chocolate packet inside with a candy cane. (Check your local Thrift Store for mugs for around .25 each.  Take them home, run them through the dish washer and package your gift!)
  3. Bottle of Nail Polish
  4. Fuzzy socks (Because who doesn't love fuzzy socks?) ☺
  5. Junk food package (candy, Juice Box, gum, snack size Oreos, sucker...)
  6. Those giant candy canes that are less then $1.  (They are about 12" long and 1 1/2" thick)
  7.  Package of microwave popcorn with a candy cane tied on the top. (Target also has SUPER CUTE popcorn buckets for $1 that you could put the popcorn bag in)
  8. Notebook and pen or Stationary set
  9. Fun pen or pencils (that smell like fruit, or are in different shapes...think School Book Fair)
  10. Earrings or necklace (a lady I know let her daughter pick out a few Paparazzi jewelry for her friends)
  11. Live Saver book
  12. Advent Calender I blogged about HERE.
  13. Small Felt Stocking filled with small holiday candies (the one at the top I taped a decorative floral "spike" to the candy cane)
  14. School Supplies A new package of crayons or gluesticks might come in handy over the break and can replace anything they've used up so far at school.
  15. Yarn gloves You can NEVER have enough pairs of yarn gloves.
I have a few other cute ideas I'll do individual posts on later this week. 

If you have any ideas you have blogged about, email me your link and I'll feature your idea on Thrifty 101!
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