Saturday, December 29, 2012

FREE 2013 printable calendar!

I've got my main calendar for our kitchen but I still need one for my office. I want a notebook type one like I have now that will be easy to tote around the house and use as a reference for our family activities as well as work and Thrifty 101 stuff.

I found a notebook calendar last year online, but I paid $5 for it. I didn't use all the "extra" pages like address book, notes, weekly planners etc. I started to think of printing my own calendar but I didn't want to take the time......enter Tom Kat Studios!

I found this great printable 2013 calendar that Tom Kat Studios designed and is offering FREE on her website! I LOVE this design because it doesn't take a ton of colored ink. It's simple and fun at the same time. :)
I printed out the calendar, added a scrapbook card stock cover and stapled it across the top and can't wait to start filling in the blanks! :)
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  1. Thank you so much for posting about my calendars. I'm so happy that others are getting use out of them as much as I am :)

  2. Really the notebook type of various look calender production nice. I have like this site.


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