Friday, December 21, 2012

Utah Readers: FREE Meal at Cafe Rio with $25 gift card purchase!

Utah Readers, It's BAAACK!!!
 Cafe Rio's  just announced on their Facebook page they are doing their Buy $25 get a FREE meal at Cafe Rio deal again!! Be sure to "like" them so you can get their deal alerts too!

The "meal" is in the form of a voucher that you can use any day AFTER the day you purchase your gift cards. You can not use it in the same transaction. (or so the lady in front of me last week was told).
The meals are valid for ANY meal (I got a Pork Burrito Enchilada style)  and a drink.

 The deal says "$25 in gift cards" You can buy $25 in any denomination you want. 5/$5 cards, $15 & 2/$5 cards etc. if you wanted to..... 

Teachers LOVE Cafe Rio!
Valid 12/21-24 only
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